May 25, 2009

Memorial & Honor

I pray today for all our families who have lost a loved one, for all our armed service members both veterans and currently serving as well as their families. I pray for our country and the freedom and liberty so many have fought for. I hope each of you take a moment this Memorial Day to honor our armed service families, members and veterans too.


Trivia for today: CIVIL WAR GRAVES--The rounded grave top is a Civil War Union Soldier grave stone and the pointed grave top is a Civil War Confederate Soldier grave stone.
Grave stone of Peter Navvaro, son of a family who lost two of their sons' within 6 months of each other. The survivng son, Kevin is a class mate of Peter (my oldest). You can see the AF JROTC patch on the ground. My heart goes out to their mother today. SHe visits their grave sites (right next to each other at Jefferson Barracks) every single day.

Colonel Michael Berenc USAF(left) and Master Sergeant Dave Cugier USAF (right) are veterans our family honors today. I so thankful they have been a part of my sons' lives. They have taught my boys the importance of love of country, leadership, respect, intergrity, honor, community service and so much more. They are men ofexceptional character.

Peter in one of his last moments in AFJROTC, now it's on to the big one.

Cross stitch photos are of the pattern Long May She Wave from Fanci That. Slated for publication again this summer.