May 29, 2009

Close to a perfect day

St. Charles stroll (look at that sky!)
Some of the Main Street Samplings
Cracker Barrel view from my seat--

Part of today was a "time to myself day" I had the luxury of: Strolling ( and shopping a bit) along Main St. in St. Charles, Missouri, visiting the cross stitch shop on Main street, and eating at Cracker Barrel. For a few hours of the day I felt a bit of simplicity to life again. The weather was sunny and a perfect 81 degrees with no humidity too.

The best part of the day was when I was shopping in my favorite St. Charles store: Main Street Marketplace. It has all sorts of items from there own dipping and barbeque sauces to the perfect gifts for Mom and friends. It was a female's heaven today (see above photo) I tasted every sauce and dip they had to sample, and they hd them ALL out. However, it wasn't the tasting that was the best, it was the wonderful kindess of the owner. You see, they do not take credit/debit cards! (Truly an olde marketplace). The reason being their average sale is 2.00! Yep that is how reasonable the prices are at Main Street Marketplace. The banks really sock it to the small business owner.

As I was checking out the owner kindly pointed to the sign stating "no cards..." Anyway, I did not have enough cash on me and I don't carry checks with me, so, I was out of luck. No purchase for me. After all that tasting too. Before I could say anything other than I have no checks , The owner (Skip) bagged up my purchase, handed me my package, gave me his address and said to mail the check to him. Mine was definitely more than a 2.00 purchase. He actually insisted on it.

I am so thankful for the people who are kind everyday. They renew my faith in Americans, mankind, and he was also a lovely example of a person who works and lives based on what this country is founded on-- Freedom and trust.

I must say, I have been extra joyful today and have been reminded how important be kind to another truly is--His kindess made my meal at Cracker Barrel all the more "back in the day"--

Mainstreet Marketplace has a web site--YAY! I am going to definitely frequent the site. The sauces and dips are all incredible as are the decorations, gifts, coffee...